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Benefits of MultiVitamin

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Benefits of MultiVitamin with Heart Disease:

Heart disease has been the leading cause of death worldwide for many years now

There are many people who believe that taking a multivitamin can help prevent heart disease, reducing mortality from heart disease.

Some of the studies WheyShop looked at showed that multivitamins were associated with a reduced risk of heart attack and death, while others showed no effect.

Although a more recent study found that women — but not men — taking a multivitamin for at least 3 years was associated with a 35% reduced risk of dying from heart disease.

So if you really hear rumors that MultiVitamin has the ability to reduce death from heart disease, don’t believe it too much because these are unclear knowledge, need more time to research and verify. from science.

Some observational studies indicate that people who take multivitamins have a lower risk of heart disease. However, some others did not give the same results. Overall, the benefits of MultiVitamins for heart disease are unclear.

Multivitamin to prevent cancer:

Another piece of advice is that MultiVitamin has anti-cancer properties. Some studies show no effect on cancer risk, while others link high vitamin intake to an increased risk of cancer.

One review examined 5 randomized, controlled trials in 47,289 people. It showed 31% lower cancer risk in men taking MultiVitamin but no effect in women.

Two observational studies, one including women and one including men, tracked long-term multivitamin use with a reduced risk of colon cancer.

Health Research has shown that long-term, daily multivitamin use reduces cancer risk in men with no history of cancer.

Some studies link multivitamin use with a reduced risk of cancer, while others have found no benefit, so the basis for multivitamins’ cancer prevention remains unclear.

Other benefits from MultiVitamin with health:

Multivitamins have been studied for a number of other purposes, including brain and eye function and overall body health.

Brain function

Several studies have found that MultiVitamin can improve memory in adults. MultiVitamin can also improve mood effectively if used early in the morning.

Research shows a link not only between poor mood and daily nutrient deficiencies, but also between MultiVitamins and better mood or reduced symptoms of depression .

However, these effects have not really had a big and clear effect on brain function. You can’t expect a MultiVitamin supplement to be as effective as caffeine or instant pre-workout products.

Eye Health

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

One study found that a MultiVitamin supplement that provides antioxidant vitamins and minerals may slow the progression of macular degeneration.

However, there is no evidence that these compounds are capable of preventing disease in the first place.

Similarly, some evidence indicates that MultiVitamin may reduce the risk of cataracts in all study subjects.

The benefits of Multi Vitamins for eye health are obvious, with many positive benefits.

MultiVitamin can improve memory and mood. Furthermore, antioxidant vitamins and minerals can help slow the progression of diseases that cause blindness.




Does bearded dragon bite hurt?

Does bearded dragon bite hurt? Why Beard Dragon Bite?

Bearded dragons are the most reptiles and all reptiles are light. For this reason, they are known as easy-to-use and easy-to-use reptiles. They are usually unfamiliar with the bite so under what circumstances do they bite?

Guard out

Your bearded dragon can look dangerous in some situations and come to the rescue. They may have a feeling of danger or may be upset by the situation we are in.

General instructions for preventing bites:

Diet Adherence to a regular diet

Collect your dragon properly

If your beard shows signs of protection, keep your beard away.

Wear appropriate clothing and gloves when handling an aggressive bearded dragon

How a bearded dragon likes to bite him?

The bearded dragon has many teeth with beard-like teeth. Biting a bearded dragon can feel very different depending on its age and size. Some say that when you think of teenagers, there is a bit of a strange sensation in it. Others will say it is very difficult and it can take blood.

Bird bites are dangerous to humans

Biting a bearded dragon is usually not dangerous. Bearded dragons have a lot of bacteria and most of the time they get infected in dangerous situations.

What to do if a bearded dragon bites you

Sometimes you can take a bite even after your best efforts and you need to know what steps you need to take to stop the bleeding and prevent possible infection.


The bearded dragon took a bite of its rough handle. This is especially true for someone who has no experience racing.

Due to lack of previous experience, some people make the mistake of taking the bearded dragon the wrong way and harming the reptiles in the process.

Even bearded dragons can make mistakes!

It is worth noting that many bearded dragon owners who were finally bitten at meal time were told to stop immediately after realizing what the dragon was doing!

Beards want to treat dragons with respect

The more human contact you give your bearded dragon, the more fun and friendly it will be. Bearded dragons like human contact; If this is the right kind of contact!

Bearded dragon bites are not usually a major cause for alarm; Instead, there is an opportunity to remain calm and re-evaluate the situation. Never punish your dragon for biting. Instead, learn from your mistakes and never try to do them again.

Improper use

Most adults already know how to handle their dragons. However, children forget that bearded dragons are not hamsters or dogs. Bearded dragons require a variety of uses. Despite being polite, there are no pets with dragon umbrellas. Do not kiss or smoke.

Can shaving cause pain?

Again, maybe dragons will never bite you. But does it hurt when they do?

It depends on whether the dragon is a child, a teenager or an adult. It also depends on whether the victim is a child or an adult. Finally, some people can tolerate pain. Some can’t. The same amount of pain shows different reactions from different people.

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What Is Japanese House?

Japanese approachs

Most buildings in Japan, both long ago and today, need to withstand annual storms and occasional tsunamis and earthquakes.

Above all, summers can be very hot, winter is cold and there is a heavy rainy season every year.

Ancient and medieval Japanese have found a simple solution to these problems: don’t build for long.

So instead of being against the environment, homes are built to comply with its whim and if the worst happens, they’re designed to be easily rebuilt.

This approach also means that very few old buildings still exist in Japan today, but architectural styles and tricks definitely do.


Although all of the above varies by region in terms of local climate and available materials, some common points can be identified.

For example, rural housing is usually one-story, built with wood and lifted off the ground by pillars.

They have a hard earth floor (doma) for cooking and another with raised wooden floors for sleeping.

Urban housing is smaller than other types due to the lack of public spaces in the city, but this problem has been resolved with the construction and two-story Machiya plots.

Connected urban housing, sharing toilets and water sources between neighbors are quite common.


traditional Japanese house

The living room (zashiki) was first seen in the homes of the samurai, as members of the upper class, required to provide an audience for their subordinates and officials.

For the same reason, an area on the floor of the room can be raised slightly (jodan-no-ma).

This idea then spread to the homes of commoners in the late medieval period.

There may be a built-in work desk (tsukeshoin) facing the wall in this room, another hanging from the samurai house.


Interiors are sparse in medieval Japanese homes but can include floor cushions (zabuton), portable handrails, low tables (chabudai), small cupboards (kodana), hidden cabinets (shoji), and chests (tansu) ).

These items are typically made of unusual wood or bamboo and can be more meticulously designed and decorated using lacquer and gold plated.

According to the ancient tradition of the Ainu people (indigenous people of Japan), valuables such as swords or jewelry are stored in a chest, in the northeast corner of the house, where it is believed to be the god Chiseikoro Kamui, who house protection. . .


Many people hang artworks in their homes, and they can take many forms.

Hanging paper rolls (kakemono or kakejiku) are made from silk or paper and have a wooden column at the bottom that presses the scroll against the wall and supports it up for storage.

Scrolls of pictures, often hung in purpose-built niches (tokonoma) on walls, show a picture or example of calligraphy or a combination of the two.

In the case of paintings, these paintings usually show a landscape and are often changed at the beginning of every four seasons so that they match the theme of the period in which they were viewed.

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Why Do Farmers Put Manure On Their Fields?

Thanks for adopting new technologies and smarter planting practices, farmers can achieve far higher agricultural productivity than in the past. However, some traditional methods still have been used to improve crop yields such as adding manure to the soil. So, why do farmers put manure on their fields and how to apply it? What follows will be definitely worth your time.

Why do farmers put manure on their fields?

Farmers apply manure in their fields for many reasons. As manure is an excellent nutrient source, it is necessary for the fertility of the soil and the growth of plants.

In some places, the soil lacks essential nutrients for crops since the farmers grow one crop after the other in the same field. So, if the manuring is not applied on time, the result of weak plants is inevitable.

1. Various nutrients contains in manure

There is a wide range of nutrients containing in manure, such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and sulfur (S). Manure nutrients are from the feed that the animals have consumed. In fact, about 75% of the nitrogen and more than 65% of phosphorus found in feeds of a steer is excreted in the manure.

It is known that the majority of the nutrients that animals eat end up in their manure.


The actual amount of nutrients in manure primarily depends on the kind and handling of manure. Of all animal manures, poultry manure contains the greatest amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur, whereas horse manure has a lower nutrient content.

If the manure is mixed in with bedding, it will have fewer nutrients per pound as compared to pure manure.

2.  Fresh manure breaks down faster than composted manure

In comparison with composted manure, fresh manure releases faster. The manure breaking time of poultry is more quickly than that of horses, cows, and other animals. Generally, the more nitrogen that manure contains the faster the nitrogen is released.

The organic matter in manure plays an important role in building soil health, making it more productive and easier to manage. In addition, the organic matter in manure is also valuable as it makes soil less likely to affect erosion, more likely to absorb water, and more resilient to extreme conditions. Although it costs a great deal of money, organic fertilizer has significant benefits that inorganic fertilizer does not provide.

3. Raw manure is an affordable and eco-friendly solution

When it comes to spending, raw manure provides a cheaper source of nutrients as against chemical fertilizers. If a livestock farmer who also grows plenty of crops, no extra cost involved at all. In a long run, using raw manure as a fertilizer can be an economically effective sharing between neighboring farms.

How to apply the manure?

1. Too large an amount of manure can be harmful to crops

Applying too much manure may result in reducing crop productivity. Furthermore, it can lead to nitrogen filtering into wells and aquifers. Accordingly, farmers should follow the ration in the table below for optimum growth and production.

Tons of manure/acre to supply N
Manure 50 lb N 100 lb N 150 lb N
Chicken litter 1.5 3 4.5
Laying hens 3 6 9
Rabbits 10 20 30
Beef 25 50 75
Horse (no sawdust bedding) 60 120 180
Separated dairy solids 100 200 300

2. Manure application should be completed close to planting time

In order to get the most value from manure nutrients, spreading cow manure on fields should be near the planting time. Applying manure in the adequate amount with the right method at this time can avoid excessive nutrient loss through leaching, washing away, or runoff of nutrients.

If you lose nutrients, the manure loses value itself. In the end, you may pose a threat to the nearby groundwater, like wells, streams, and ponds. It can be a serious problem for nutrient-rich manures like poultry litter.

3. Avoid using fresh manure on some kinds of crops

Fresh manure sometimes contains pathogens (such as bacteria, viruses, etc.) that can cause a multitude of diseases in animals and humans, like Salmonella and certain strains of E. coli. They are one of the most serious pathogens diseases found in animal manure.

Pathogens in fresh manure can be a risk to crops that grow in or close to the soil and that are consumed raw. It is advised that fresh manure should not be applied to some types of crops such as carrots, lettuce, and other greens, and strawberries.

Pathogens will naturally die over time. If you use manure on the mentioned plants, you need to put time on your side. You can do that by:

  • Aging or thoroughly composting the manure before using
  • Waiting at least four months from the manure applying time until harvesting


Manure is not only impacts positively on crop production but also minimizes the costs and protects the environment. Therefore, When you see a farmer sitting on the best tractor seat to spread manure on fields, make sure you understand how important it is. Having knowledge of manure is really important if you care about crop growth and soil structure.


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How to buy 18650 batteries?

When buying 18650 batteries, you will have the option between button top and flat top batteries.

Protected batteries, as the name might suggest, have a small electronic circuit built into the battery packaging. This is on one end of the battery and is indistinguishable from other batteries.

This circuit protects the battery against hazards such as overcharging and discharging, short circuits and extreme temperatures. This is designed to protect the devices you use them on and to avoid damage by explosion or leakage.

Many protected batteries also have a valve that permanently disables the battery if the pressure is too high inside the battery.

This is usually what happens when the batteries swell, at a time when they are more susceptible to catching fire.

An unprotected battery lacks this circuit. They are therefore cheaper and are also susceptible to problems that such safeguards are designed to avoid.

good 18650 batteries

If you select an unprotected cell (and many of the best cells are not protected), you should take extra care when selecting and using your battery.

Pay particular attention to the discharge rating (CDR) to make sure you don’t drain excess power from a battery, or it might overheat.

You also need to keep your contacts private, ideally in a plastic case so that the battery won’t go missing in your pocket or bag. You also need to make sure you don’t leave the battery in the charger for too long.

When in doubt, buy a better quality battery even though it is a bit more expensive.

The button top vs flat top 18650 batteries

To really demonstrate how standardized the 3.7v 18650 rechargeable battery is, there are two small variations in size: flat top and button top. The button top batteries are popular for the tactical flashlight under $30

This has to do with contacts, especially positive contacts. The button’s top battery will protrude slightly, while the flat top battery is completely flat.

These extra millimeters could be the difference between a suitable battery and a non-battery. If in doubt, check the batteries available with your device, refer to the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.

For spring-loaded batteries, like flashlights, it doesn’t make a big difference.

How to avoid buying fake 18650 batteries

Like any branded product, be careful with fake 18650 batteries. It is very common for many suppliers to buy cheap batteries, rewrite them as trademarks, and market them as genuine items.

This is not only wasting your money but also potentially dangerous. If you buy a battery for a high-capacity device, believing it has a full safety CDR, you could injure yourself or damage your device when the battery has a completely different rating.

The battery scammers are good at what they do. A genuine and fake battery is difficult to distinguish. From bundles to branding, to online listings, they look like real deals. The only way you can say fake from genuine batteries is by weight.

Most brands have made the weight of their original batteries available somewhere. You should cross-reference any batteries you buy online with the manufacturer’s specifications. Even spelling mistakes do not indicate spoofing, as a genuine manufacturer had to point out through a Facebook update.

To test a particular cell, try an internet search for its name, followed by a Google data sheet. This will list the battery weight, capacity and maximum CDR.

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What is the difference between wood stain and wood sealer?

Wood stain and wood sealer are two common products for wood protection. Are staining and sealing the same?

wood stain and wood sealer

Let’s read this article to find out what is the difference between wood stain and wood sealer and some useful tips when applying them on the wood surface.

Many people are misunderstanding that wood stain and wood sealer are the same types of products.

Well, it is not true.

Below are the four main dissimilar features between these two products.

1. Function

Wood stain is a specialized pain that is used to color the wood. This type of paint aims to bring out the appealing look of the wood board while still highlighting its natural characteristics like wood grain and texture.

On the other hand, wood sealer is a product that protects wood from natural impacts such as water and UV rays. It is also used to repel moisture, rotting, and even seal the wood pores.

Wood sealer acts like a layer of protection that helps to extend the life of the wood and prevents discoloration.

2. UV rays protection

Although the main function of wood stain is to maintain the beauty of the wood surface, it contains a higher level of UV rays protection than wood sealer.

Surprisingly, there is only a limited amount of sun protection. It is better if you stain before sealing to have better protection for the wood surface.

3. Durability

Not only having the higher sun rays protection but wood stain is also durable than wood sealer. A high-quality layer of wood stain can last up to three or five years while wood sealer needs to be resealed each year.

4. Price

With more outstanding features, it is no doubt that wood stain is more expensive than wood sealer.

Therefore, accompanied by the benefits that wood stain brings to consumers, its price is worth every penny!

Useful tips when using wood stain and wood sealer

Below are some useful tips and tricks that help you to have the best result with wood stain and wood sealer.

  1. It is always advisable to read the instruction of the product before using it.
  2. Besides the advantages mentioned above, wood stain and wood sealer also share the same disadvantage. These products contain some harmful chemicals so do not forget to cover your eyes and wear a facemask while applying it on the wood.
  3. Clean the wood with sandpaper to create a smooth surface and remove the dust before sealing and staining.
  4. The wood will look more natural when being stained and sealed.
  5. Make sure to apply wood stain and wood sealer all over the wood surface for better protection.
  6. If you would like to apply another layer, wait until the first one dries completely.
  7. Applying a layer of wood stain before sealing will improve the wood appearance by changing the color and hiding the imperfection.

On the opposite side, the surface of the wood will be fully protected if you cover a coating of wood sealer after staining as it helps to prevent the stain from bleeding.

In Conclusion

With this article, you have found out what is the difference between wood stain and wood sealer. Staining helps to improve the wood beauty while sealing maintains its durability.

However, these products have a thing in common, which is to protect the wood from external impacts, and it can not be denied that your wood will be fully protected if wood stain and wood sealer are applied together.

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Top 3 Best Microphone For Youtube Music Recording

Choosing the best microphone for Youtube recording can be quite a challenge.

In this article, we will be breaking down the top 3 best choices for you.

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#1. Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D

Best Microphone For Youtube

Electro-Voice has been a leading manufacturer of sound gear ever since its conception back in 1930.

How does this company have so much staying power? Because of the stability of their quality products, and the RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone is a great example.

What’s great about it?

The RE20 has been a standard in the industry for decades. After all, it was first introduced all the way back in 1968 and is still being used these days.

It is unarguably the most popular microphone among radio hosts.

This kind of success is mostly thanks to the tech called Variable-D that Electro-Voice developed exclusively.

With this tech, the mic is able to minimize the proximity effect on shifts on tone. Thus, it provides the user with a linear and smooth voice characteristic, which is very useful if you speak all day.

Also, the mic has a switch for bass roll-off, which is quite a useful feature. There is also the heavy-duty pop filter built internally, which is perfect for voice up close.

How to use it

The Electro-Voice RE20 is a classic wired XLR mic, meaning it is dynamic.

Thus, if you want to use it alongside a computer, a Digital-to-Analog (DAC) converter is a must.

With it, the mic’s analog signal will be converted to digital, then you can transport it through USB, Thunderbolt, Firewire, etc.

Who’s it for?

From the features, you can easily guess that the Electro-Voice RE20 microphone is really good for people who do podcasts.

After all, it offers a stable reproduction of sound, something you need if you’re going to speak continuously.


  • Minimize proximity effect
  • Bass roll-off switch
  • Linear and smooth voice recording
  • Heavy-duty pop filter


  • A needlessly complex suspension system
  • Needs DAC converter to work with computers

#2. Audio-Technica AT4040 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

audio-technica at4040

Audio-Technica, founded almost 60 years ago, is an audio gear company based in Japan.

With its high-quality gears, the company has been supplying equipment for many high-class occasions. One such example is, of course, the US Presidential Debates.

The Audio-Technica AT4040 is the newest addition to the brand.

What’s great about it?

First of all, the AT4040 has a large diaphragm, advancedly tensioned so that it can reproduce the most natural and smooth sound.

In addition, it has an externally polarized condenser (DC bias) design, which supports exceptionally low noises. Furthermore, it also has a high capability for SPL and a wide dynamic range.

All of those combined means that the mic is quite versatile.

But that’s not all, as the AT4040 has a transformerless circuit, it eliminates virtually all distortions of low frequency.

How to use it

It is quite a sensitive mic, so it is advisable that you prepare some form of soundproofing.

The Audio-Technica AT4040 is great with “close-mic” configurations. For example, if you are playing piano, it is best placed under the piano.

Who’s it for?

As it is quite a sensitive microphone, we believe that it is the best mic for Youtube recording of acoustic musical instruments.

After all, the large diaphragm alongside the polarized condenser design makes for some smooth sounds.


  • Supports exceptionally low noises
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Eliminates low-frequency distortions


  • Too sensitive
  • Needs some form of soundproofing

#3. AKG Pro Audio P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone, Black

AKG Pro Audio P220

Another product from AKG, the P220 is arguably the best mic for recording on Youtube if you are on a budget.

Here are the reasons:

What’s great about it?

Being the least expensive option on this list, the AKG P220 is still nothing to scoff at.

First of all, it has a large diaphragm as well as a cardioid pickup pattern, so there will be no need to worry about off-axis sounds.

Next, it is built tough and rugged, so you can take it just about everywhere.

In addition, the mic is really simple to operate, as it offers only two main settings: the bass roll-off and 20dB signal cutting.

How to use it

The AKG P220 is actually quite heavy. However, AKG does not include a stand so you will have to figure that part out on your own.

Also, you may also want to find a third party like a mixer if you want to connect it to computers.

Who’s it for?

Rugged, tough, versatile, easy to carry around, and inexpensive, we do not believe that there can be a better choice for a budget Youtuber.

The AKG P220 will certainly satisfy you until you can afford a more expensive option.


  • Inexpensive
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Simple settings


  • Heavy
  • Excessive pickup of background noises

Which Microphone Should You Buy? USB vs XLR Microphone?

The vital difference between these microphones is just the connections. XLR mics usually have 3 prongs inside the connector so there is no way that it can connect directly to your computer.

Thus, there is a need for a third party like a mixer. However, they almost always provide better capabilities as well as adjustabilities.

On the other hand, USB mics will connect to the computer directly so there is no need for third parties like mixers.

Thus, they are much easier to operate. Besides, they are also quite inexpensive with no additional costs for a third party.

So, our answer is depending on your situation. New Youtubers can certainly profit from the easy nature of USB mics while experienced ones can make use of XLR much better.

Dynamic vs Condenser Microphone – What the difference?

Dynamic mics are often much better at capturing strong, loud sounds in live settings. Conversely, condenser mics are better at capturing higher frequencies and more delicate sounds in studio settings.

What do you need for a condenser mic?

All condenser mics have two capacitors drawing power from external sources. Thus, you must supply the “phantom power” through connecting the mic to a mixer with an XLR cable.

When would you use a condenser microphone?

Condenser mics are really good at capturing delicate sounds in studio settings. Thus, if you want to produce a breathy vocal sound, a condenser mic is a much better choice than a dynamic mic.

See more:


All in all, we hope that with this review, you will be able to make an informed decision when you shop for a new microphone.

Our last advice is that you should always keep in mind that there is no single best microphone for Youtube recording. There are only mics that fit your situation