Ladies and Gentlemen...Modern Relics

Well, hello there. Welcome to my shiny, brand new company. And logo. And blog. While shiny and new accurately depicts the company, aged and venerable best describes the goods.

One might say I've "curated an eclectic collection of furnishings and decor pieces from around the globe from yesteryear to modern times." But that one sounds a little pretentious. More honestly, one might say that I've "found some ridiculously cool stuff — (insert one or more of the following here) at an auction; on craigslist; on the side of the road — that I couldn't pass up!" And that that cool stuff has a history. But even cooler, it has a future.

Like, as a guest at your wedding. Or your grandmom's 75th birthday party. Or your firstborn's baby shower. And that's how we get from this being about me, to this being about you. Explore the new site. Click through the gallery photos. Peruse the inventory. And let me know what speaks to you.