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What is the difference between wood stain and wood sealer?

Wood stain and wood sealer are two common products for wood protection. Are staining and sealing the same?

wood stain and wood sealer

Let’s read this article to find out what is the difference between wood stain and wood sealer and some useful tips when applying them on the wood surface.

Many people are misunderstanding that wood stain and wood sealer are the same types of products.

Well, it is not true.

Below are the four main dissimilar features between these two products.

1. Function

Wood stain is a specialized pain that is used to color the wood. This type of paint aims to bring out the appealing look of the wood board while still highlighting its natural characteristics like wood grain and texture.

On the other hand, wood sealer is a product that protects wood from natural impacts such as water and UV rays. It is also used to repel moisture, rotting, and even seal the wood pores.

Wood sealer acts like a layer of protection that helps to extend the life of the wood and prevents discoloration.

2. UV rays protection

Although the main function of wood stain is to maintain the beauty of the wood surface, it contains a higher level of UV rays protection than wood sealer.

Surprisingly, there is only a limited amount of sun protection. It is better if you stain before sealing to have better protection for the wood surface.

3. Durability

Not only having the higher sun rays protection but wood stain is also durable than wood sealer. A high-quality layer of wood stain can last up to three or five years while wood sealer needs to be resealed each year.

4. Price

With more outstanding features, it is no doubt that wood stain is more expensive than wood sealer.

Therefore, accompanied by the benefits that wood stain brings to consumers, its price is worth every penny!

Useful tips when using wood stain and wood sealer

Below are some useful tips and tricks that help you to have the best result with wood stain and wood sealer.

  1. It is always advisable to read the instruction of the product before using it.
  2. Besides the advantages mentioned above, wood stain and wood sealer also share the same disadvantage. These products contain some harmful chemicals so do not forget to cover your eyes and wear a facemask while applying it on the wood.
  3. Clean the wood with sandpaper to create a smooth surface and remove the dust before sealing and staining.
  4. The wood will look more natural when being stained and sealed.
  5. Make sure to apply wood stain and wood sealer all over the wood surface for better protection.
  6. If you would like to apply another layer, wait until the first one dries completely.
  7. Applying a layer of wood stain before sealing will improve the wood appearance by changing the color and hiding the imperfection.

On the opposite side, the surface of the wood will be fully protected if you cover a coating of wood sealer after staining as it helps to prevent the stain from bleeding.

In Conclusion

With this article, you have found out what is the difference between wood stain and wood sealer. Staining helps to improve the wood beauty while sealing maintains its durability.

However, these products have a thing in common, which is to protect the wood from external impacts, and it can not be denied that your wood will be fully protected if wood stain and wood sealer are applied together.

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