How do I rent from Modern Relics?

Easy peasy. Check out the instructions on our contact page about creating a Pinterest board with your Modern Relics wish list, or simply send us an email, and we’ll give you pricing and delivery options. We ask for a 50% deposit to reserve your items, and the remaining balance is due one week prior to event.

Can I see the items in person before renting?

Indeed. Contact us for an appointment and we’ll meet you at our West Chester facility. We can even pull items we think you might be interested in if you share your vision with us.

Your prices aren’t listed—are you expensive?

Au contraire. Our prices are very competitive. Sofas start at $100, turned leg vintage tables at $20, mismatched wooden chairs at $4, and vintage plates $1 a piece.

Do you deliver?

Of course! Let us know when and where you need the items and we will give you a delivery quote. For large orders, we may recommend a third-party delivery service to facilitate pickup, delivery and setup.

Can I pick up the items myself?

Depending on the size of your order and your vehicle options, we will consider pick up orders by appointment. 

What happens if we lose or damage something?

We understand, it happens. If lost or broken, we’ll have to charge you the replacement cost which, generally speaking, is 3X the rental price. If it can be repaired (or cleaned, in the case of a stain), we’ll only charge you for the fix.

I love everything and I can't decide! Can you help?

No one knows our inventory like we do! We would love to make suggestions and help your vision to fruition free of charge. If interested in a more detailed plan, consulting and styling services are available for a fee. Contact us for a quote!

I'm looking for something specific that I don't see here. Could you help me find it?

Challenge accepted. Let’s talk.